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Ayurveda for psoriasis

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1 Ayurveda for psoriasis on Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:46 pm


More than ever people are turning to herbal and natural remedies for the treatment of skin infections and for Psoriasis ayurvedic treatment is believed to have guaranteed results and people are seeking out registered health centers that offer this type of treatment. According to Ayurveda, the impurities in the blood associated with your emotional well-being triggers the disease i.e., stress does play a role in triggering the disease for a person who is prone to psoriasis or have had symptoms of the disease before. And for the treatment of the disease the body must be detoxified or made free of toxins by extensive panchakarma treatment and this requires the patient to be in the treatment center in person and must strictly abide by the rules and adhere to the treatment regimen followed. Since the diet also plays a role in the mode of treatment the patient has to consume only the foods that are advised by the doctor and it is always best to stay at the hospital to keep your mind away from all the tension and stress and this will complement the treatment method used. Even after your treatment it is best that you stick to the life style changes that you have made while you were taking the medicines because it is best to avoid the practices that the trigger the onset of the disease as psoriasis has a chance of recurring when the skin dries or on consumption of certain foods and what may trigger psoriasis in one person may not strike another patient and only the doctor can promise a personalized tailored treatment regimen.

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