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Out of the Box Chemical Industry

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1 Out of the Box Chemical Industry on Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:45 pm


Specialty chemicals and commodity chemical compounds fall under the broad category of industrial chemicals. Industrial chemical substances are used in diverse supplications like packaging, storage, logistics, and blending. High quality service is the distinguishing characteristic of major industrial chemical suppliers. Most common industrial chemicals include acetic acid, acetone, barium carbonate, gluconic acid, and potassium permanganate. Xylene, zinc oxide, urea and toluene possess numerous industrial applications. Food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, water treatment chemicals and heat transfer fluids are the sub categories of industrial chemicals. Ascorbic acid, methanol, sodium sulphate, and potassium citrate are industrial chemicals utilized for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Bicarbonate of soda, ferric chloride, potassium hydroxide and copper sulphate are examples of water treatment chemicals.
Heat transfer fluid is another vital application area of industrial chemicals and it includes system sizing, water quality analysis, concentration calculations plus glycol disposal. Various types of industrial chemicals are manufactured by both small scale and big scale chemical companies. Engine fuels, dyes, paints and cosmetics make use of industrial chemical compounds. Industrial chemical business has grown extensively in the last two decades leading to high revenue generation and numerous job opportunities. Industrial chemicals are utilized in various economy sectors like agriculture, construction, and consumer goods manufacturing. Chlorine is a well known industrial chemical that is frequently used in households. Fertilizers, food products and soft drinks use phosphoric acid as a chemical compound. List of industrial chemicals will be incomplete without mentioning nitrogen, sodium carbonate and sulphuric acid. Although nitrogen is an inert gas, it is employed to avoid thermal reactions.

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